Kelvin Kiptum’s father reads malice in his son’s tragic death

ATHLETICS Kelvin Kiptum’s father reads malice in his son’s tragic death

Joel Omotto 14:49 - 12.02.2024

Kelvin Kiptum’s father feels some people could be behind his son’s death following his tragic demise in a road accident on Sunday night

Kelvin Kiptum’s father feels there could have been a sinister motive towards his son’s tragic death on Sunday.

The world marathon record holder died alongside his coach, Rwanda's Gervais Hakizimana, following an accident along Elgeyo Marakwet-Ravine road when he reportedly lost control of his car before hitting a tree on Sunday night.

News of his death has sent shock waves among the global sporting fraternity given his world record was just ratified last week and he was eyeing history by becoming the first man to run an official marathon under two hours.

However, his father Samson Cheruiyot feels there could be someone behind his son’s death, revealing that some unidentified people had visited his home four days ago, looking for the marathoner.

“There are people who came home and did not introduce themselves,” Cheruiyot told Citizen TV. “They said they wanted him and now that this has happened, I am wondering what were they looking for at the time.”

“What did they want from my son because they refused to identify themselves. I asked for their identification but they refused. They were four people and when I asked more questions one of them tried to get out of the group.”

The 24-year-old’s death has left his family devastated with his father also revealing that he had all hopes in him since he is his only child.

“Kiptum was my only child, now he has left me, his mother and his children,” added a devasted Cheruiyot. “My wife had a problem and she was advised against having more children which we respected.”

“Now, I do not know what to say. His children are now looking at me, what will happen. If my son was here, he is just 24, he would have earned a lot and helped us. I had told God and his management to take care of my son but now, we have no one to help us.”

Cheruiyot then shared the last moments he had with his son who had assured him that he was set to make history by running an official marathon under two hours in Rotterdam in April.

“I received news of his death at around 9.30pm while I was watching news. I was told they had seen a car in the forest and it looks like that of my son,” he said.

“I rushed there and I found the car but my son and his coach were missing. I was told the police had taken him to Eldoret.

“On Saturday night when we talked, he told me someone from Golazo [Kiptum’s management] will come and build us house and buy us a car. He had told me that he was feeling his body was in good shape and ready to run 1:59 or 1:58.”

Kiptum made his history by breaking the world marathon record in Chicago last October, running an astonishing 2:00:35, having won London Marathon the same year after his debut win in Valencia in December 2022.

He held three of the six fastest marathon times in history from the three races run in just under one year.