Ferdinand Omanyala's fiancée opens up on how she has contributed to his success

ATHLETICS Ferdinand Omanyala's fiancée opens up on how she has contributed to his success

Abigael Wafula 08:06 - 25.11.2023

Ferdinand Omanyala's fiancee has shared what makes him stand out from other athletes and find favour in the eyes of many.

Laventa Amutavi, Ferdinand Omanyala’s fiancée, has opened up on how she has played a part in the success of Africa's fastest man.

Omanyala has enjoyed huge success in his career winning 100m gold in the 2022 Commonwealth Games and also became the first Kenyan to win the 100m in the Diamond League.

Amutavi expressed her excitement to be part of Omanyala’s success. “I have been there to support him emotionally and make sure that the environment he lives in is conducive. I also pray for him,” she said.

Amutavi also noted that Omanyala’s personality has seen him inspire many young athletes and has even led to the growth of sprints in Kenya.

It has also seen him make huge milestones off the track as he was recently named the brand ambassador of Team Visa ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games.

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“He is a warm-hearted person and easy to talk to. He is always happy and he doesn’t fake it, that’s just his nature.

"He also loves talking to people and he is likable. That’s what makes him attract more deals. He is also able to express himself boldly,” Amutavi told SPM Buzz.

Meanwhile, during his off-season, the Commonwealth Games 100m champion has been involved in many charity activities including the heart and cancer run and also attending the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Kenya.

On Thursday, November 23, Omanyala was unveiled as the new Team Visa brand ambassador in an event that was held at the Ulinzi Sports Complex.

He shared his elation towards the great opportunity on his X (Twitter) handle saying: “I’m proud and honoured to partner with Visa Kenya as a Team Visa athlete for the Olympics and Paralympics Games.

"Joining Team Visa with so many incredible athletes around the world will help me continue to advance the sport that matters most to me.”