Fans clash over speculation of Sha'Carri Richardson copying Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's style in recent ad

Fans clash over speculation of Sha'Carri Richardson copying Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's style in recent ad

Abigael Wafula 12:30 - 10.04.2024

Fans have given their different opinions concerning Sha'Carri Richardson being featured in a new ad with some angry at her for copying Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's style.

Fans have clashed over a recent ad featuring Sha’Carri Richardson with speculation that she copied the creativity of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce to execute the video.

The American was featured in an ad for Whoop, a leading brand that tracks recovery, cardiovascular strain, and sleep. In the video, Richardson is seen wearing a green Nike tracksuit on the track with some background music and is heard speaking.

Fans have likened the video to Fraser-Pryce’s ad with Richard Mile, a swiss watchmaking brand where the Jamaican sprint sensation was also wearing a green track suit with some background music and she is heard speaking at the end of the video.

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A fan, Amber Smit, shared the two videos, comparing how both were executed, and was ranting about the five-time World champion having her authenticity stolen by the reigning World 100m champion.

She said: “For Shelly-Ann to have her likeness and image stolen from her is beyond disrespectful to me. If this was a white woman, black ppl would be outraged. This concept, music, scenery, and look are all the same for promo for the watch campaign.”

One X user commented on her post saying: “People don’t style themselves for commercials.” Another user, commented on the same post saying: “First of all, these aren’t even the same product. One of these is a Richard Millie watch, one of these is a product called Whoop, and they just happen to have similar styling. There is no plagiarism here.”

Another Richardson fan commented on the post saying: “Be mad at the creative directors, I don’t think Sha’Carri purposely did this.”

Daniel Rhino added another comment saying: “This was so intentional. I hate that we are allowing this to go down well.”

“People say copying is the best but this is downright plagiarism. What is going to happen next regarding this?” another one asked.

Doctor Asha, another X user, commented: “Before someone starts Diaspora War III can you Twitter detectives pull up the details of these campaigns, and if this was the intention of the company or person? I want to save the Jamaica vs USA energy for the Summer Olympics.”