Catherine Ndereba narrates encounter with a 'crazy' fan years after retirement

Catherine Ndereba narrates encounter with a 'crazy' fan years after retirement

Abigael Wafula 16:34 - 11.07.2024

Marathon legend Catherine Ndereba has opened up about an embarrassing moment she had with a fan in the streets of Nairobi, Kenya's capital.

Catherine Ndereba is a household name and more often she is likely to encounter her fans across the street, with some of her encounters with her fans remaining a vivid memory in her mind.

After her retirement, Ndereba admitted that she would be mostly recognised in the U.S. after winning the Boston Marathon four times. Ndereba also made history as the first Kenyan woman to win a Boston Marathon title in addition to winning two Chicago Marathon titles.

The 51-year-old narrated that most of the time, she would be in the airport and people would recognise her. She added that in Kenya, most people would barely recognise her but the few who could would say hi, with others having weird personalities.

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Speaking on the Safari za Mabingwa show hosted by Oga Obinna, Ndereba disclosed that there was a time she was in Kisumu, a town in Kenya and a man followed her outside asking her if she was the legendary Ndereba. However, she did not find that peculiar but it was another female fan who got her shocked.

“In Nairobi, most people know me but in some other places, I would just pass by. I never expect everyone to know me but if I am in Nyeri, it’s okay,” Ndereba said.

“I don’t want to call it crazy but I found it very weird. I met one lady in town, I can’t remember the year, and she was like ‘Catherine Ndereba, you mean you normally walk.’

“I was surprised…I was heading to a certain shop in town and I was so shocked. Because if you even have a car, you can’t enter a shop with your own car and at some point, you will have to alight and walk. It was so embarrassing.”

Ndereba insisted on being herself and not letting her fans define her as she looks to maintain her lifestyle. She also opened up about the greatest culture shock she encountered going to the U.S. for the first time during summer.