American sprint icon fires warning to Noah Lyles & Kenny Bednarek on intimidating Racers Jamaican Grand Prix

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American sprint icon fires warning to Noah Lyles & Kenny Bednarek on intimidating Racers Jamaican Grand Prix

Mark Kinyanjui 21:00 - 26.05.2024

Lyles and Bednarek are set to compete in the 200m of the upcoming Raer's Grand Prix in Jamaica.

American sprint icon Justin Gatlin has issued a warning to both Noah Lyles and Kenny Bednarek as they prepare to face off in a highly anticipated 200m race at the Raer's Grand Prix on June 1 in Jamaica.

Noah Lyles recently delivered a stunning performance at the Atlanta City Games, setting an American record in the 150m.

 Meanwhile, Kenny Bednarek clocked a world-leading time of 19.67 seconds in the 200m at the Doha Grand Prix. 

Despite Lyles' recent success, he has yet to compete in a 200m race this season, making the upcoming event in Jamaica his season opener as he aims for his first gold medal in the event.

Bednarek, the reigning 200m silver medalist, is also eyeing an upgrade to gold at the Paris Olympics, adding further intensity to the upcoming race.

On a recent episode of the Ready Set Go podcast, Rodney Green and Olympic gold medalist Justin Gatlin discussed Lyles' remarkable performance in Atlanta and the upcoming challenge in Jamaica.

 Gatlin highlighted that Lyles had boasted about having the best training of his life ahead of the Atlanta event, yet pointed out that he has not competed in a 200m race this year.

“That is obviously going to be a nice race,” Gatlin said. “With Kenny running his 19.6, and Noah running 14 seconds in the 150, we are going to see what exactly it looks like for those two to lock horns in Jamaica.”

Gatlin also emphasized the unique and intense atmosphere of competing in Jamaica, known for its passionate and vocal crowd. 

“You know the energy in Jamaica. It is going to be ridiculous. You cannot even hear yourself because of all the horns, the cheering, the energy. It is one of one. You have to be prepared to compete, focus, and dial in in that kind of environment,” Gatlin explained.

“If not, you will be distracted and lose, hands down.”

As Lyles prepares to open his 200m season and Bednarek aims to continue his strong form, all eyes will be on their showdown in Jamaica. Fans are eagerly anticipating what promises to be a thrilling race between two of the world's top sprinters.