All you need to know about the new Jamaican Olympic team kits


ATHLETICS All you need to know about the new Jamaican Olympic team kits

Abigael Wafula 07:32 - 25.03.2024

What you need to know about the technology surrounding the newly unveiled Jamaican Olympic team kits.

The newly unveiled Jamaican kits have caught the attention of many track and field fans worldwide, something that the designers wanted to achieve.

There is a lot of technology surrounding the brains behind the development of the Paris 2024 Olympic kits and two of the designers explained the chemistry behind that.

Speaking to Citius Mag, one of the designers praised Jamaican athletes for their speed on the track and noted that the kits wanted to showcase that.

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“I think Jamaica has always been a key federation for us and we have always used them as our main muse, inspiration not only from the performance level but also from the stylist level like for us working on the kit.

“We are so inspired by these athletes since they are all about speed and what better country to work with than the Jamaican athletes?

“Their style and performance levels are top and if you look at where we came from, the style was always there but we have incorporated another technology and style,” she said.

Another one added that the kits are very unique and this year’s design is out of this world. She noted that their main goal was to ensure the athletes were comfortable in their kits to enhance their performance on the track.

She also explained that the kits also showcase the Jamaican colours and since the athletes love their country, it will be a morale booster.

“Our muse is our athletes and they evoke speed on the track and that’s what we wanted our kits to feel like and we wanted to complement them while they perform on the track.

“We wanted our lines to contour their bodies because they are disciplined and train hard and we wanted to highlight their physique and we have the lines that move with the body.

“We have our women’s very fashionable kit and we wanted it to evoke the talk from the crowd and we wanted to give something dynamic on the track.

“We have never really seen something with cutouts, a high cut line around the waist area and you can see that it moves with the body and it moves with the body while they are performing,” another added.

She noted that they worked as a team to ensure kits would give athletes the morale to shine and they incorporated technology to ensure that they were very comfortable.

She also explained that there is a sustainability aspect in the kit and they could not also want to compromise the fashion and performance of athletes.

At the back of the kits, there is the thermo adapt to regulate body heat and then there is an Engineer Jacquard that is an added ventilation for the athletes.