Kenya Pipeline triumph in Zone V volleyball tourney marred by meager reward

VOLLEYBALL Kenya Pipeline triumph in Zone V volleyball tourney marred by meager reward

Festus Chuma 11:30 - 21.11.2023

2023 Confederation African Volleyball Zone V championship overshadowed by shockingly small prize.

The Kenya Pipeline women's volleyball team reclaimed their status in the region by clinching the 2023 Zone V club championship in Kigali, Rwanda on Sunday.

The formidable Oliers left no room for doubt about their prowess on the volleyball court, defeating Rwanda Authority in straight sets on a memorable Sunday final.

The journey to victory for the Kenya Queens began with a commanding performance in the first set, securing it with a scoreline of 25-20.

Despite Rwanda Authority's best efforts to keep pace in the second set, they faltered when it mattered most, eventually succumbing to a 25-23 defeat. With a scoreline of 2-0 against them, the hopes of a miraculous comeback dwindled.

However, Kenya Pipeline was not content with just a convincing lead. They went on to hammer the final nail in Rwanda Authority's coffin with a resounding 25-19 victory in the third set, sealing their victory and solidifying their reputation as a volleyball powerhouse.

Yet, despite their remarkable achievement, the cash reward bestowed upon Kenya Pipeline by the Confederation of Africa Volleyball (CAVB) left many shocked and disheartened.

The champions were awarded a mere $3,000 (equivalent to Ksh. 475,500) for their outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

This meager reward raised questions about the adequacy of financial incentives in African volleyball and the need for greater recognition and support for the sport.

Rwanda Authority, who put up a valiant fight and claimed the second position, received $2,000 (equivalent to Ksh. 305,000) in prize money.

Meanwhile, the third-place finishers, APR, took home a relatively modest $1,000 (equivalent to Ksh. 152,000).

The disparity between the intense effort, sweat, and dedication put forth by the athletes and the prize money awarded is a glaring issue that calls for attention.

Volleyball, like many other sports, requires rigorous training, commitment, and sacrifice.

Athletes dedicate years to perfecting their skills and compete at the highest level, not only for the love of the game but also with the hope of financial rewards that can support their careers and livelihoods. 

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