Paris Olympics: Organisers reveal number of condoms athletes will have access to during 17-day Games

A room inside the Paris Olympics Village. Photo: Imago

Paris Olympics: Organisers reveal number of condoms athletes will have access to during 17-day Games

Joel Omotto 14:40 - 17.03.2024

Paris 2024 Olympics organisers have set a side a big number of condoms for athletes as the ‘City of Love’ looks forward to a memorable event after the end of COVID-19 restrictions.

Paris, popularly known as the ‘City of Love,’ is preparing to welcome the world for the 2024 Olympic Games and has set a side 300,000 condoms for the athletes.

This is the first Olympics past COVID-19 and with the pandemic over, organisers are encouraging athletes to interact again.

Mixing among athletes will take place this time after the International Olympics Committee lifted social distancing orders and an intimacy ban at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Games and Paris has created a Village Club for this.

With the Olympics village set to welcome 9,000 athletes for the July 26-August 11 Games, each athlete will have access to at least two condoms every day.

About 16,000 beds will be provided for athletes housed at the Olympic and Paralympic Villages in Saint-Denis and Chateauroux as well as for journalists at the Media Village in Dugny.

Japanese mattress manufacturer Airweave is supplying the beds for s second successive Olympics and they are made of cardboard with the standard size being 90 centimetres wide and 200cm long but can be extended to 2.20m for taller athletes.

The cardboard beds were the subject of social media debate in 2021 during the delayed Tokyo Games when there claims that organisers were being ‘anti-sex.’

However, in the City of Love, oragnisers are confident everything is in good shape.

“It’s a quantity that makes sure that everybody will have what they’re expecting and what they need. We’re going to have 14,250 residents, athletes and press officials over here, that are coming for this great event and to live an extraordinary experience here,” Laurent Michaud, director of the village, told Sky News.

“We wanted to create some places where the athletes will feel very enthusiastic and comfortable so they can have some conversations, discussions and to share their core values about sports.

“So, we have made a village club with a lounge, with a sports bar with Coca-Cola, and no alcohol of course, but it’s going to be a great place so they can share their moment and environment here.”

However, the number in Paris does not come close to the 450,000 condoms distributed at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil when 10,500 attended.

Part of the reason was because 100,000 female condoms were available for the first time along with 350,000 for men.

The Rio Olympics figure was three times more condoms than those distributed at the London Games in 2012.

But while the athletes can look forward to safe sex, they will not enjoy champagne at the Olympics Village.

"No champagne in the village, of course, but they can have all the champagne they want also in Paris," added Michaud.

"We will have more than 350 metres of buffet with the world food... and I'm sure that the athletes will be very happy to have some French specialties made over here.”

The Olympics Village, built at a cost of €2bn, as per Sky News, is the size of 70 football pitches, and is split by the River Seine with a bridge to link the accommodation blocks.

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