Talanta Hela confusion as Namwamba chairs committee a day after High Court suspended programme

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SPORTS Talanta Hela confusion as Namwamba chairs committee a day after High Court suspended programme

Joel Omotto 10:26 - 24.05.2023

The Sports Cabinet Secretary seems determined to implement the talent initiative despite the court order that halted it

Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba has seemed to ignore a High Court order that suspended the Talanta Hela programme after he held a meeting with the planning committee on Tuesday.

Through a series of tweets, the Sports Ministry said Namwamba’s meeting was to assess the readiness for the official launch of the programme by President William Ruto on Friday, June 2, with the CS reiterating his commitment to the initiative, since it was a primary flagship project of the Kenya Kwanza government.

High Court Judge Lawrence Mugambi had on Monday suspended the establishment of the council until a case filed by a sporting personality Charles Mugane is heard and determined in what was a setback to the initiative created as part of President Ruto's plan to nurture grassroots talent in the country.

“The CS reiterated that the initiative was a primary flagship project of the government, whose aim is to monitise talent using existing Government institutions such as the Kenya Academy of Sports, and Kenya Film School, with a view to building livelihoods,” the Ministry said in through the Twitter post.

“We are collaborating with the Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of ICT to ensure that we are able to identify talents from schools and the communities from all corners of our republic.

“The team assured the CS that preparations were well on course for the Presidential launch of the revolutionary initiative, whose aim is to identify, nurture and market talents to put #PesaMfukoni in line with the government's Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).”

In his petition seeking to suspend the programme, Mugane cited legal and constitutional flaws in the case he filed under a certificate of urgency, urging the judge to halt the implementation of the council and its relevant committees in all 47 counties.

Namwamba has been implementing the programme, having appointed members to the Council for a period of three years, but the court order quashed it after Mugane informed Justice Mugambi that unless he intervenes, rights of those meant to benefit will be infringed.

The petitioner asked the judge to suspend the establishment of the Council and its Committees until such a time when the CS will comply with the law by implementing sound sporting doctrine in establishing the body that will help the country identify and get the best of talents in all sporting activities.