Singapore reject Ksh16.5 billion bid to host 2026 Commonwealth Games

Singapore reject Ksh16.5 billion bid to host 2026 Commonwealth Games

Abigael Wafula 10:02 - 04.04.2024

Singapore is the latest country to turn down a request to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games despite a Ksh16.5 billion offer.

The 2026 Commonwealth Games are in jeopardy after Singapore joined the rest of the nations to turn down the £100 million (about Ksh16.5 billion) investment to help organise the showpiece.

Victoria in Australia had initially been awarded the 2026 Games almost two years ago when its unopposed bid was approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

However, tables turned quickly last year when the state Premier suggested costs were skyrocketing, more than doubling from initial estimates, leading to the cancellation of plans to move forward.

Malaysia was also in talks with the CGF but later rejected the same offer to host the Games for a second time in Kuala Lumpur. Alberta in Canada had plans to stage the event in 2030 but it was called off by the provincial government over cost concerns.

Meanwhile, the CGF has offered the investment to any Commonwealth nation that agrees to host the next scheduled quadrennial edition that would have to be prepared with just over two years' notice.

Commonwealth Games Singapore and Sport Singapore said in a statement on Wednesday that they studied the feasibility and decided not to make any bid.

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The CGF has claimed they are working with multiple interested parties, but no serious contenders have emerged. AFP reported the CGF remains optimistic that the Games can continue within a modified framework.

“The process to determine a host for the 2026 Games is continuing at pace with interested Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs). While acutely aware of the incredibly tight timeframe, we have encouraged proposals that will reset the Games," CGF CEO Katie Sadleir told AFP.

“Alongside this process, we have accelerated work to refresh and reframe the Games. This has included exploring innovative new concepts and event opportunities.”

CGF officials have also suggested delaying the Games until 2027 to buy more time but as things look, the Commonwealth Games are in serious trouble.