MKO: 'I'm doing it for East Africa'- Ugandan Golfer Ronald Rugumayo declares after making the cut

GOLF MKO: 'I'm doing it for East Africa'- Ugandan Golfer Ronald Rugumayo declares after making the cut

Abigael Wafula 17:23 - 24.02.2024

Ugandan golfer Ronald Rugumayo is planning to make East Africa shine after making history at the ongoing Magical Kenya Open tournament presented by Absa Bank Kenya.

After making the cut on Day Two of the Magical Kenya Open presented by Absa Bank Kenya, Ugandan golfer Ronald Rugumayo wants to make East Africa proud.

The Ugandan holed a birdie putt on the final hole to make the cut at Muthaiga Golf Club and when he drew towards a close, he created some fantastic theater to the delight of fans surrounding the 18th green at the clubhouse.

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He now carries the hopes of East Africa since he is the only one who made it to the final list despite Kenya fielding 13 golfers, including last year’s hero Mutahi Kibugu.

Day One saw the Ugandan score a one-over Par 72 then on Day Two he scored a one-under Par 70 before scoring a level Par on Day Three.

“I’m the first Ugandan to make the cut and at the moment, I think it’s not about me as a player or Uganda as my country but right now everything that I’m doing is for East Africa," he said.

“As we speak now, I’m the only East African to make the cut and everything I’m doing now is for East Africa."

Before the Ugandan took on the tough course, there was a heavy downpour that forced his tee off time to be pushed forward.

He admitted that the first three holes were challenging on his side but it had nothing to do with the poor weather.

“Honestly, when you look at my game in the first three holes, the weather wasn’t that nice but then again from the time I moved to South Africa, the first tournament I played on the wind and it was -1," he added.

“The second tournament was in Durban and the weather was also the same. When it comes to the weather, I have been tested enough and I’ve played in tougher conditions than it was, so for me it was okay,” he said.

He also insisted that he wants to achieve something more than just making the cut and he is looking forward to hitting his targets.

The Ugandan added that it all doubles down to him as a player and how he will play and stick to the game plan. “I’m happy to have made the cut but I haven’t hit my targets yet,” he said.