Foreign golfers in awe of Mutahi Kibugu's style of play at the Magical Kenya Open

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GOLF Foreign golfers in awe of Mutahi Kibugu's style of play at the Magical Kenya Open

Abigael Wafula 09:31 - 24.02.2024

Two foreign golfers have expressed their admiration towards the style of play that Kenyan youngster Mutahi Kibugu's style of play despite being knocked in the early stages.

Scotland’s Ferguson Ewen and South Africa’s Fritteli Dylan are in awe of Kenyan rising star Mutahi Kibugu’s style of play at the ongoing Magical Kenya Open tournament happening at the Muthaiga Golf Club.

Ewen, also competing in this year’s edition of the event, noted that he was having conversations with Kibugu who seems to be putting a lot of effort into his training.

He predicted a bright future for the youngster who has been making headlines recently, thanks to his prowess in the course.

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“He’s really a nice boy who has a great attitude and he is very happy on the course. He is very easy to talk to. He also seems to practice very hard and I wish him all the best.

“I hope that he will come back next year and enjoy a great season and I want him to keep learning and you never know when things will turn out for the good for you,” the Scot said.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s Dylan also lauded the youngster, noting that he has the skills and he only needs to do more practice.

He observed that the youngster has the strength to do well all over Africa and even internationally if he works on some minor aspects of his play.

“He played really well and I was impressed with his ball-striking hits. He parted really well maybe he is a bit more experienced since this is his home club.

“I believe he probably feels like he would play a bit better than he did. However, he definitely has the skills to play well and hopefully play all around Africa.

“It will certainly require more experience but he has the necessary skills and he has the strength and he hits the drive super-fast,” he said.