Best match ever! Okutoyi showers Cynthia Cheruto with praises following Billie Jean King Cup doubles victory

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Best match ever! Okutoyi showers Cynthia Cheruto with praises following Billie Jean King Cup doubles victory

Abigael Wafula 09:58 - 12.06.2024

Angella Okutoyi has hailed the prowess of Cynthia Cheruto following their doubles victory against Tunisia at the Billie Jean King Cup happening at the Nairobi Club.

African Games champion Angella Okutoyi has hailed Cynthia Cheruto’s game at the Billie Jean King Cup, terming it as the ‘best match’ she has played with her compatriot.

Okutoyi and Cheruto were paired for the doubles match against Tunisian rivals Chiraz Bechri and Lamis Haquas and they showcased their zeal to claim the top prize. They won 6-2 6-4 to end the day in celebratory mode.

Earlier in the day, Cheruto had been up against Tunisian opponent Ranim Rassil but she unfortunately lost 6-2 6-4 in the opening match. The 2022 Wimbledon junior doubles champion then came in for the second singles match where she silenced Bechri to win 6-2 7-6(11-9) in a tie-break in a match that saw Kenya level the tie at 1-1.

Okutoyi has hailed Cheruto for showing up both mentally and physically despite her loss earlier in the day. She observed great improvement in her fellow Kenyan from the African Games where they clinched silver in the doubles.

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“Playing with Cheruto is really fun and nice because she’s always there like she wants to do something great and she always motivates me to do the same.

“We’ve had a great time this year, being in the doubles with her and having the silver at the African Games, so, I was really happy that they got to pair us together to play today and just to get the win for the team.

“We were just enjoying and not thinking too much about the scores but when we do that, it makes us tense so we were just having fun and taking all the risks and it was great,” Okutoyi said.

The tennis star added that they were out to have fun as much as they wanted to win the match. She noted that if they had focused on the points, it would bring tension and they were not ready for that.

“I would say this is the best match I have played with her because her serves were there, her strokes…like she was setting me well at the net and also from the back.

“That really helped us today during the doubles and we weren’t giving a lot of free points and we were there mentally and also physically. It was nice playing with her,” Okutoyi said.