Trouble in paradise: Is Ronaldo’s contract with United in Jeopardy? [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

Fabian Simiyu 07:12 - 16.08.2022

Cristiano has been the centre of attraction after rumors of him wanting to quit Manchester United surfaced and everything has never been the same again.

Manchester United has already suffered two defeats in this new campaign and the latest was a heavy one to take after a 4-0 loss to Brentford. 

Ronaldo’s attitude has been questioned by many people after his absence in United’s pre-season matches. 

When United played against Brentford on Saturday, Ronaldo’s body language stated a lot, with the way he reacted after United conceded four goals. Ronaldo is known for his winning mentality and United has been derailing his efforts no matter how many goals he scores. 

Ronaldo is also frustrated with how the Man United affairs are being handled, especially when it comes to transfers. What he is going through happens when you end up playing for a team that is living in the shadows of its glory days. 

Before he came back for training with the United squad after the pre-season, his agent was exploring options away from Manchester but was unsuccessful. 

Ronaldo’s salary is also huge, making it hard for many teams to afford him now that they are struggling financially. Many United fans have been accusing the Glazer family who owns the club of its downfall in the recent past. 

Speculation also has it that they want to offload Ronaldo to save on cash now that the club is plunging into a huge debt day by day. 

Ronaldo’s diehard fans have come to his aid and defended him by stating that he is going through a difficult phase in his career and that he will bounce back very soon. 

Ronaldo was spotted exiting Old Trafford early after halftime during a friendly match with Rayo Vallecano and it sparked debate once again that he was fed up with United. 

In my opinion, Ronaldo is top player and how United is treating him is unfair. The club says that he is not for sale but then what if a suitable offer is tabled? United should let him leave if he wants to and it should be done in the correct way.

Threatening to terminate his contract is a way of demeaning him after what he has been through, especially last season to help a team that was underperforming. Ten Hag needs Ronaldo in his rebuilding process at United but then he can’t do it alone. He needs a squad full of energy and an experienced bunch of players ready to fight for the club.