The shocking thousands Harambee Starlets goal-getter Marjolen Nekesa claims she is owed by deciteful agent

The shocking thousands Harambee Starlets goal-getter Marjolen Nekesa claims she is owed by deciteful agent

Mark Kinyanjui 18:00 - 23.04.2024

Marjolen Nekesa has penned a passionate story on FifPro, claiming her agent has yet to pay her a certain amount of money after joining Slavia Prague in 2022.

Marjolen Nekesa, a prominent figure for Harambee Starlets and a key player for Czech champions Slavia Prague, finds herself embroiled in a financial dispute with her agent.

 Despite being the top goalscorer of the Liga Zen with 23 goals , Nekesa has been waiting for 18 months to receive the money she is owed.

Nekesa's ordeal began when she trusted an agent who appeared trustworthy and well-connected within the football community. 

"The agent sounded honest and when I checked his Instagram, I saw he had a lot of posts with players," Nekesa shared to FifPro, highlighting her initial impression of the agent.

However, promises made by FC Minsk, her former club in Belarus, and her agent soon turned sour. "FC Minsk had promised to arrange accommodation, but after I arrived, they told me they were struggling due to the economy and the war," Nekesa explained. 

She further revealed that her salary was significantly less than what was agreed upon. "When the end of the month came, I only received a small part of my salary," she said.

Feeling deceived and undervalued, Nekesa took action against FC Minsk by filing a complaint with the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber after spending three months with the club. Subsequently, she moved to Slavia Prague in Czechia during the summer of 2022.

Despite leaving Belarus, Nekesa encountered more obstacles in accessing her earnings due to international sanctions imposed on the country following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

"When I left Belarus, I gave my ATM card to my agent because outside the country I would not have access to my Belarusian bank account," Nekesa recounted. 

Her agent promised to transfer the owed money, but only sent $1,000 (Ksh 130,000) and failed to send the remaining $4,200 (Ksh 546,000) . "He just kept giving excuses," she lamented.

As Nekesa continues to wait for her unpaid salary, she offers valuable advice to fellow players. 

"My advice to other players is to be cautious, and to not blindly trust other people," she cautioned.