Police rescue AFC Leopards coach Tom Juma from irate mob who wanted his head

FKFPL: Police rescue AFC Leopards coach Tom Juma from irate mob who wanted his head

Festus Chuma 21:45 - 23.09.2023

AFC Leopards coach Tom Juma, besieged by angry fans, escorted by police after disappointing draw against Kenya Police FC.

AFC Leopards coach Tom Juma found himself in the midst of a heated and dangerous situation on Saturday afternoon as enraged fans attempted to attack him following a disappointing 2-2 draw against Kenya Police FC in a Football Kenya Federation Premier League match.

The tumultuous events unfolded at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, leaving a trail of chaos in their wake.

As the final whistle blew, signaling the end of the match, a wave of anger and frustration swept over the AFC Leopards supporters, who had expected a more triumphant outcome. 

This led to a torrent of obscenities hurled at Coach Tom Juma, who found himself at the center of their ire. 

Some fans even made brazen attempts to breach the team's changing rooms, but the timely intervention of Leopards' captain diffused the potentially explosive situation.

A groundswell of discontent among the fans has been growing due to Leopards' lackluster start to the campaign under their new head coach. Calls for Juma's resignation have been mounting, and the frustrations came to a head during this match.

The situation escalated further as some Leopards officials attempted to calm the irate fans outside the stadium parking lot and in response, they were pelted with objects.

Riot police were summoned to block access to the tunnel, as a number of invaders tried to breach the barricade in a bid to confront the technical bench. 

The situation became so dire that it required the intervention of team captain Washington Munene to quell the angry mob as fans had even surrounded the team bus, mistakenly believing that Coach Juma was inside.

Sources close to the incident revealed that Juma was eventually whisked away in a police car for his safety. Minutes earlier, fans had gathered outside the stadium, demanding that he address them. 

Journalists who had been present to cover the match were denied access to the negotiations, as stewards blocked their path.

In a brief post-match interview conducted amidst tight security, Coach Tom Juma offered his perspective on the disappointing draw.

"We conceded late because of a lack of concentration in the closing stages of the match. You can't have 15 new players and play the way you used to play, so it takes time for players to gel. I am very disappointed by the way we defended in the closing stages of the match," he said.

AFC Leopards find themselves at a crossroads, with their coach facing increasing pressure to turn the team's fortunes around despite the club executive committee begging fans to support the new technical bench.