Kariobangi Sharks boss issues hands-off warning to vultures circling his best players

Kariobangi Sharks boss issues hands-off warning to vultures circling his best players

Mark Kinyanjui 14:20 - 23.04.2024

Kariobangi Sharks have been selling their best players every year which has made it diffucult for them to compete.

Kariobangi Sharks head coach William Muluya has issued a hands-off warning to clubs who will be looking to sniff around and entice his best players away from the club when the transfer window opens in the off-season.

Sharks have created a reputation as a selling club ever since gaining promotion to the top tier, which has always made it difficult for them to compete at the highest of levels considering the fact that Muluya is always forced to build a new side from scratch.’

While some players move on for greener pastures abroad, most are snatched by some of the country’s biggest clubs, especially Tusker, who have been buying a lot of their players.

This has had a knock on effect on their results, and until recently, they were on the brink of dropping into the relegation places until 

“Faith amongst the players and from the coaching staff,” Muluya said.

“We were not in a good place before, but we managed to galvanise the team to start believing in themselves more, and the fact they have now played with each other consistently now means they are getting better.

“I want to make sure that the players that I have at my disposal will not leave at any costs. The league keeps getting tougher and tougher every year.

“Teams have been poaching players from us every year. We cannot keep on being the gift that keeps on giving. We will be more competitive if we keep our best players.”

Muluya's determination to hold onto his top talents reflects his ambition to elevate Kariobangi Sharks to greater heights in the Kenyan Premier League. As the transfer window approaches, Muluya's hands-off warning serves as a clear message to rival clubs that Kariobangi Sharks are not willing to part ways with their prized assets without a fight.