Jordan Henderson may lose out on millions from Saudi Arabia move without receiving a dime

Jordan Henderson not paid since moving to Saudi Arabia || Imago

Jordan Henderson may lose out on millions from Saudi Arabia move without receiving a dime

Stephen Oladehinde 21:16 - 18.01.2024

In a surprising turn of events, Jordan Henderson, the former Liverpool skipper, has not received any payment from his high-profile stint at Al-Ettifaq.

Henderson, 33, who made a headline-grabbing move to Saudi Arabia last summer, is now back in Europe, reportedly sealing a deal with Ajax after deciding to cut ties with the Saudi club.

Henderson's Financial Sacrifice for England's Career

Despite his star status and a whopping £700,000-per-week contract, Henderson has chosen not to take any payment from Al-Ettifaq. 

This strategic move was aimed at easing his return to England, potentially boosting his chances of playing for Gareth Southgate's national team. 

\It's a decision that circumvented the tax residency restrictions in the UK, which apply to individuals spending less than 90 days a year in the country.

Jordan Henderson || Imago
Jordan Henderson || Imago

From Saudi Arabia to Ajax: A New Chapter Begins

Henderson's time in the Middle East, which saw him make 19 appearances under the guidance of manager Steven Gerrard, has been challenging both professionally and personally. 

SunSport reports that the midfielder's family had difficulty settling in Saudi Arabia, contributing to his decision to leave. 

His next chapter at Ajax involves a significant pay cut, with his weekly earnings in the Eredivisie being just over £77,000, a stark contrast to his previous salaries at Liverpool and Al-Ettifaq.

This shift not only marks a new beginning for Henderson but also leaves a considerable void at Al-Ettifaq. Gerrard, who recently lost his assistant Ian Foster, now faces the departure of his star signing, adding to the mounting challenges for the Saudi club.