Former England defender Micah Richards spills about sex-centric Olympic village life


FOOTBALL Former England defender Micah Richards spills about sex-centric Olympic village life

Festus Chuma 17:02 - 07.02.2024

Micah Richards reveals the sex-centric party lifestyle within the 2012 London Olympic Village sharing candid experiences and athlete interactions

Former Manchester City and England defender Micah Richards has shared an eye-opening account of the raucous sex-fueled atmosphere that pervaded the Olympic Village during the London 2012 Games.

Speaking on the Rest is Football podcast, Richards described the Olympic Village as "the party of all parties," where athletes from around the world lived together in close proximity, indulging in a lifestyle that seemed to defy the strict discipline often associated with elite sports.

Richards, who was part of the Team Great Britain squad captained by Ryan Giggs, didn’t shy away from detailing the vibrant social scene that unfolded away from the public eye.

"Absolutely everything was there, we had McDonalds there, a Chinese, a big cafeteria with everything you want, it's free," Richards recalled as per Daily Mail.

The former defender's revelations shed light on an aspect of the Olympics that often goes unspoken but is widely acknowledged.

"It's what I imagine when you go to uni when you're in halls and sharing a room, I was with Daniel Sturridge," he said, comparing the experience to university dorm life, albeit on a significantly more extravagant scale.

Richards and his teammates found themselves amidst a melting pot of cultures and disciplines.

"We were there for three nights, we went training, come back to the village, them three nights we were up to 4am. You have different campuses, Team GB in one block, Brazil, France, all these countries, and there's a massive big room full of condoms!'It was like what, obviously promoting safe sex, and honest to god, I was on fire," he noted.

Richards humorously confessed to being "on absolute fire" during his time in the village, a statement that his fellow podcast guest, Alan Shearer, cheekily linked to Team Great Britain's quarter-final exit on penalties to South Korea.

"No wonder you lot got beat on penalties, you were absolutely knackered," shearer joked.

The London 2012 Olympics, with some 150,000 condoms shipped to the village for over 10,500 athletes, marked a significant moment in the ongoing conversation about the sexual health and habits of Olympians.

This tradition of providing condoms to athletes, ostensibly to encourage safe sex practices, has continued in subsequent Games, with varying numbers reported each time, peaking at 450,000 condoms at the Rio 2016 Olympics. 

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