Find out why the French FA ha filed a complaint against Emiliano Martinez

Emiliano Martinez was crucial to Argentina's World Cup win over France | Imago

Find out why the French FA ha filed a complaint against Emiliano Martinez

Fabian Simiyu 08:46 - 24.12.2022

Emiliano Martinez is Argentina's goalkeeper and he played a major role in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final

The French FA is unhappy with Argentina's goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez for taking it too far during his country's World Cup win celebrations over France in Qatar.

Emiliano called for a mock silence for Kylian Mbappe of France while celebrating in the dressing room with his fellow Argentine players.

The goalkeeper made another shocking appearance in Argentina after landing in Buenos Aires as he was seen with a doll bearing Mbappe's face during the homecoming celebrations again.

Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez holds the Golden Glove trophy on December 18, 2022.

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"We have launched different procedures. It is very shocking. These are boys who have given the best of themselves for the France team to succeed. It is important that we support them.

"I wrote to my counterpart from the Argentine Football Association. I find these excesses abnormal in the context of a sports competition, and I find it difficult to understand.

"It goes too far. Mbappe's behaviour was exemplary," said Noel Le Graet who is the French FA president.

Mbappe scored four goals past the Argentine keeper in Qatar and every one has failed to understand why Martinez took to the platform to celebrate the win against France the way he did.

Emiliano Martinez on December 18, 2022.

His fans have defended him by stating that he was extremely happy after the win and that one should celebrate after achieving such big milestones.

Martinez won the golden glove and he celebrated cheekily after receiving his prize in Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

Do you think the Argentine FA will take action against the super Martinez?