Euro 2024: Two records broken during the match between Hungary and Scotland

Euro 2024: Two records broken during the match between Hungary and Scotland

Eric Munene 13:58 - 24.06.2024

The match saw Scotland bow out as Hungary stole the win that placed them in a good qualifying position.

In a thrilling match that will be remembered for its dramatic finish, Hungary secured a historic victory over Scotland with the latest regulation goal in UEFA European Championship history.

Kevin Csoboth became the hero of the night, scoring his first goal for the Hungarian National Team in stunning fashion in the 100th minute.

The match, which ended 1-0 in favor of Hungary, saw Csoboth's strike come deep into second-half stoppage time, marking the eighth such goal in the Group Stage of Euro 2024.

This achievement sets a new record for the most second-half stoppage-time goals scored in a group stage since the tournament's inception in 1980, highlighting the dramatic and unpredictable nature of this year's competition.

Csoboth's goal not only secured a crucial three points for Hungary but also etched his name into Euro history.

The victory keeps Hungary's hopes alive in Group A as they aim to advance to the knockout stages as the best third placed teams in each group.

For Scotland, the defeat was a bitter pill to swallow after a hard-fought battle that saw them create chances and push Hungary to the limit.

Despite their efforts, they were unable to break the deadlock and now face an uphill battle to progress in the tournament.

Hungary's achievement in scoring the latest regulation goal in Euro history adds to their storied legacy in international football.

Their ability to deliver under pressure and seize opportunities late in the game underscores their determination and tactical discipline.

The competition continues to captivate fans with its thrilling moments and unexpected twists, setting the stage for more excitement as teams vie for European glory.

The match between Hungary and Scotland will be remembered not only for Csoboth's historic goal but also for the intensity and drama that encapsulates the essence of the UEFA European Championship.

With records broken and new stars emerging, Euro 2024 continues to showcase the best of European football on its grandest stage.