AFCON top scorer Emilio Nsue blasts his country’s football federation over corruption after suspension

Emilio Nsue blasts his country’s football federation over corruption || Imago

AFCON top scorer Emilio Nsue blasts his country’s football federation over corruption after suspension

Stephen Oladehinde 18:12 - 16.02.2024

In a dramatic turn of events that has shaken the foundations of Equatorial Guinea's football establishment, Emilio Nsue, the national team captain, has taken a bold stand against the corruption and mismanagement within the country's football federation.

In an explosive revelation, Nsue, alongside midfielder Ivan Edu Salvador, has been sidelined from the national team, a decision that came hot on the heels of their alleged "gross indiscipline" during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. But the story, as Nsue tells it, goes much deeper than disciplinary issues.

Nsue's outcry isn't just about the suspension; it's a clarion call for sweeping reforms within the Equatoguinean Football Federation (FEGUIFUT). 

The star, who was the leading scorer at AFCON 2023, has accused the federation of a slew of misdeeds, including financial mismanagement to the tune of over €1 million unaccounted for from the tournament's earnings. 

The details are shocking: players have to foot the bill for their equipment and unpaid debts to service providers, including a hotel.

"Before the match against Nigeria, the players did not have any outfits ready. The equipment used in the national team is paid by the players and not the federation," Nsue disclosed in a passionate live Instagram broadcast.

 A Battle Against Corruption

Nsue's revelations extend beyond financial irregularities. He's taken a stand against the federation's exploitation and poor treatment of players, particularly locals. 

Emilio Nsue || Imago
Emilio Nsue || Imago

The accusations of threatening players and misappropriating funds are grave, painting a picture of a federation more concerned with lining its pockets than fostering the national team's success.

"The FA threatened certain local players and taking money from them but I said, no and this is unfair and they humiliated me and thrown me out. 

"The national team is above everything and everyone," he stated as reported by Pulse Sports Kenya. Furthermore, Nsue is appalled by the federation's plans to overhaul the national team with players from Brazil, criticizing the move as a betrayal of the current squad's achievements.

Equatorial Guinea, Emilio Nsue || Imago
Equatorial Guinea, Emilio Nsue || Imago

"These cancerous and corrupt people who manage football in Equatorial Guinea took 1 million euros for themselves by leaving the national team in bad conditions," Nsue condemned, highlighting the dire state of affairs within the federation.

Despite his significant contributions on the field, Nsue feels abandoned by his own country, expressing sorrow over the lack of recognition and appreciation from Equatorial Guinea. 

His decision to abstain from national team duties until there is a substantial overhaul within FEGUIFUT is a testament to his commitment to integrity and excellence in the sport.

As the country looks ahead to the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in June, the absence of key players like Nsue and Salvador could pose significant challenges, but it also presents an opportunity for much-needed reform.