Ababu's investment message ahead of Kakamega hosting CHAN 2024

Namwamba (R) with Kakamega governor Fernandes Baraza discussing plans to renovate Bukhungu

FOOTBALL Ababu's investment message ahead of Kakamega hosting CHAN 2024

Mark Kinyanjui 08:06 - 26.01.2024

Namwamba challenges business persons to "make good money" as Bukhungu Stadium prepares to undergo upgrading ahead of 2024 CHAN.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has challenged prospective businesspersons to take advantage of the renovation of Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega ahead of the 2024 African Nations Championships.

CAF reportedly granted hosting rights to East African nations Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Kenya for the tournament, which is set up exclusively for local-based players to stand a chance of staking their claim to their main national teams as well as opportunities abroad.

Namwamba has been speaking about the chances of making the stadium ready but has also challenged business persons to take advantage of the situation, as the tournament will definitely supplement other industries such as the tourism and hospitality industry that would require the construction of facilities such as hotels.

“Anytime you host an international event, number one, there are incredible opportunities,” Namwamba stated.

“Opportunities for business, the big spin-offs, big, big commercial spin-offs, and so, the people of Kakamega County, this is boom time!”

Namwamba asked those interested in making investments in Kakamega as a result of the tournament to fill their pockets with cash from the glorious opportunity.

“Take full advantage and do some business and make some good money.”

Aside from the stadium meeting Category Four standards to be deemed of high enough quality to host the tournament, sufficient and high-quality accommodation options, including hotels and guesthouses, need to be available to accommodate the influx of visitors.

Additionally, efficient transport systems, including airports, roads, and public transport need to be improved to ensure smooth logistics during the tournament. 

This is mostly due to the influx of visitors during the tournament, and it is recommended that they receive proper services.

This will be a good opportunity for hotel owners to improve their standards, or for other top-class hotels to also be constructed in order to host visiting teams, as well as fans.

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