6 most shocking twists in international football history

6 most shocking twists in international football history

Eric Munene 12:46 - 30.05.2024

Football has always been known for its tendency to surprise and offer some of the most unimaginable scenarios and here are some memorable moments in international football.

In the world of international football, where passion and unpredictability collide on the grandest stage, there exists a tapestry woven with moments that defy expectation, rewrite history, and etch themselves into the collective memory of fans worldwide.

From underdog triumphs to stunning upsets, the beautiful game has never been short of shocking moments that leave spectators in awe and disbelief.

Pulse Sports delves into some of the most unforgettable chapters of international football, where giants fell, underdogs soared, and the boundaries of possibility were forever stretched.

Zinedine Zidane's head-butt in 2006 World Cup final

In his final professional match, Zinedine Zidane shocked the world by head-butting Italian defender Marco Materazzi in the chest during the 2006 World Cup final, earning a straight red card and leaving his team with 10 men in a match they eventually lost on penalties.

England's Euro 2008 miss

Despite being one of the traditional football powerhouses, England failed to qualify for the 2008 UEFA European Championship, finishing third in their qualifying group behind Croatia and Russia.

Greece winning Euro 2004

Greece's victory in the 2004 UEFA European Championship was a massive shock. They were considered underdogs throughout the tournament but managed to beat the likes of Portugal and France to lift the trophy.

Brazil 1-7 Germany

Hosts Brazil suffered a humiliating defeat in the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup on home soil, losing 7-1 to Germany in a match that shocked the footballing world.

Denmark's Euro 1992 victory

Denmark were not even supposed to be in the tournament initially but replaced Yugoslavia due to political instability. Against all odds, they went on to win the tournament, defeating Germany 2-0 in the final.

Netherlands 6-1 Yugoslavia: Euro 2000

Patrick Kluivert scored a hat-trick in a breathtaking display of opportunism as the Netherlands booked a UEFA Euro 2000 semi-final meeting with Italy with a competition record 6-1 win against Yugoslavia.