Noah Lyles shares secrets to his top speed as he targets to win ‘everything’ in 2024

Noah Lyles became the sprints king at the World Championships in Budapest

ATHLETICS Noah Lyles shares secrets to his top speed as he targets to win ‘everything’ in 2024

Joel Omotto 14:00 - 28.12.2023

World’s fastest man Noah Lyles has given an insight into how he achieves his top speed as he ups preparations for the 2024 season where he plans to win 'everything'

World’s fastest man Noah Lyles has opened up on how he prepares for his races even as he targets to win “everything” in 2024.

Lyles shared how he focuses on starts, acceleration, and feeling comfortable at top-end speed during the season while in the off-season, his training revolves around foundational leg work: the glute/ham machine, back and front squats, leg presses, and single-leg Romanian deadlifts.

The world 100m and 200m champion takes every detail seriously and does not mind spending a fortune to get it right.

Prior to running, he does glute and calf activation drills with a physiotherapist who regularly flies in from Australia, gets massages weekly, and a chiropractor tends to him every other week.

Normatec leg-compression sleeves and the hot tub are consistent parts of his self-care as well.

“If I don’t work on each individual piece to the fullest ability, I leave variables out. And I want constants,” Lyles told Men’s Health.

With the main focus in 2024 being the Paris Olympics, Lyles has expressed his desire to go for the triple of 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay gold and there has also been talk of a 4x400m relay attempt.

The other thing on is mind is a world record, after he failed in his attempts to break Usain Bolt’s 14-year 200m record of 19.19 in 2023.

“We’re going after everything. We’re going after the triple. Going after the world record, too. I know I can do this,” he said.

To nail the world record, however, the sprinter will need to work on his starts which has been his Achilles heel.

Lyles’s biomechanist, Ralph Mann, uses force plates and slow-motion video to help perfect his form. Mann hones Lyles’s ankle angles so the 300 pounds of force he puts into the blocks propels him forward.

Mann wants the physics of Lyles’s horizontal forces optimised in the first two steps out of the blocks. Tauter angle tilts combined with a proper centre of gravity could generate potentially record-breaking speed.

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