Noah Lyles reveals why 2023 lessons will propel him to to unprecedented outdoor glory this year

Noah Lyles // @WorldAthletics

ATHLETICS Noah Lyles reveals why 2023 lessons will propel him to to unprecedented outdoor glory this year

Mark Kinyanjui 12:00 - 26.03.2024

Noah Lyles has revealed the techniques he is working on relentlessly in 2024 that he took from his 2023.

Renowned American sprinter Noah Lyles has offered insights into his strategic approach to enhancing his performance for the upcoming season, unveiling two critical aspects he has been diligently focusing on to elevate his game to new heights.

"In order to become unstoppable in 2024, I've been concentrating on two crucial elements," Lyles revealed on World Athleticspodcast.

 "The first is refining my stride patterns. While I possess natural speed, simply moving my legs faster without purpose sacrifices power and forward momentum. 

“It's like spinning in place – ultimately ineffective. I aim to optimize my stride, making it quicker yet longer, thereby generating more power and covering greater distance with each step."

Transitioning from theory to practice proved challenging for Lyles initially. 

"This adjustment was tough for me in 2023," he admitted. "But I eventually embraced it, particularly during the World Championships, where the results spoke for themselves. Building on this momentum, I've dedicated significant time to strength training this year."

Lyles emphasized his commitment to pushing his physical limits.

 "I've been pushing myself beyond my comfort zone," he stated. "Engaging in exercises like box squats, where every rep pushes me to the brink of exhaustion. There were moments when I thought, 'As long as I don't pass out, I've made it through the day.' It's about realizing the untapped potential within my body and pushing past perceived boundaries."

He reflected on his progress in the weight room, noting the remarkable strides he has made. 

"I've reached a point where the weights that once challenged me are now merely stepping stones," Lyles remarked. 

"I've surpassed previous limitations, recognizing that I wasn't fully maximizing my potential before. Now, with a longer stride pattern and a stronger physique, I can generate more force and achieve quicker times."

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As Lyles gears up for the upcoming season, his dedication to refining his technique and enhancing his physical prowess positions him as a formidable force on the track, poised to make a lasting impact in 2024.