David Rudisha reveals the sport he would be doing if not for track & field

David Rudisha reveals the sport he would be doing if not for track & field

Abigael Wafula 10:03 - 08.06.2024

Two-time world 800m champion David Rudisha has disclosed the sport he would be playing if not for the 800m on the track.

World 800m record holder David Rudisha has revealed the sport he would be engaging in if not for the two-lap race.

Speaking in an interview with World Athletics, Rudisha noted that growing up, he had different talents and would try out different sports.

He revealed that he was a decathlete in high school and would also participate in the high jump event. Decathlon is where athletes compete against each other in shot put, pole vault, high jump, javelin, discus, and long jump, as well as four running races.

However, the two-time Olympic champion disclosed that of he would not be competing on the track, he would certainly be a volleyball player.

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“When we were young we would explore almost everything and I was also a decathlete in high school. I was also really good in the high jump…that was in track and field.

“Other sports I used to play was volleyball…yes, volleyball is one of the sports that Kenyans do very well. We have the women’s team that has already made the Olympic team,” Rudisha said.

Speaking about the future of track and field, Rudisha urged athletes to stay away from doping and ensure they compete fairly. He was also proud to observe the emergence of super shoes, something that is redefining the sport.

He added that during his time as an athlete, there was no such thing as super shoes and even when he dates back to the time his father was running, there was barely any running shoes.

“Well, sport is something that we love so much and it’s an event where so many young are involved in. We would always want to see that our sport is well protected and that our athletes are competing and winning cleanly and fairly.

“We have had so many issues with doping and so on which is actually not a good image for our sport and for some of us athletes who have been competing and done so well, we encourage the athletes to maintain that integrity because it’s very important for our sport.

“With the new shoes and everything, even though we never got such during our time, that is also very encouraging because the sport keeps on evolving,” Rudisha said.