David Rudisha explains why he never switched to a longer distance in his prime years

David Rudisha explains why he never switched to a longer distance in his prime years

Abigael Wafula 16:56 - 07.06.2024

David Rudisha has explained why he could never dare to compete in a longer distance than the 800m.

World 800m record holder David Rudisha has disclosed why he could never dare to run a longer distance than the 800m.

Most 800m runners love blending the two-lap race with the 1500m but Rudisha opted to scale down to the 400m and he admitted that it worked perfectly for him.

In Kenya, Emmanuel Wanyonyi is one of the athletes who does the 800m and combines it with longer distances but reigning world 800m champion Mary Moraa is more of Rudisha’s type. Moraa is always known to compete in the 400m and 600m and she rarely makes appearances in the longer distances.

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“If you see 800m runners, you find that some are doing 800m and others can move to 1500m and 5000m. However, others can only move to the 400m and I believe I’m the one who could only do the 400m.

“Even during my training days, I wasn’t doing so well with the endurance and I would struggle a lot. I wasn’t kind of a longer-distance athlete and at some point, at the beginning of the season, my coach would tell me to do 800m and 600m races.

“However, I never liked that because it was tough. During training, I would usually do maybe one 600m race and then go down to 200m or 400m and then the 300m, the one that I loved,” Rudisha said in an interview with World Athletics.

Speaking about his world record at the 2012 London Olympics, Rudisha disclosed that he had worked towards achieving that goal for years.

The two-time Olympic champion was only making his debut at the Olympics and deep down, he knew there was no chance of making mistakes. He explained that his team had worked around the clock and refined the finer things in his training and he was confident of running something special.

However, the two-time world champion noted that it was not an easy thing but he knew if he missed that chance, he would have to wait for four more years to make history.

“London 2012 was my first Olympic Games and as I was training, way back, my coach used to emphasise and he would say we would be in the Olympics and that got into my mind. Over five, six, seven, or eight years, I was focusing on the Olympics.

“Going there was very special and we did very good preparation to make it happen since you can’t make mistakes at the Olympics. I knew that I had a better chance and I was still in the peak of my career and we did very good training.

“At the beginning of the season, I did like two races in New York and Paris and I did 1:41, and going to London, I knew it wasn’t easy. I made my plans and knew that if I executed the race well, I would win the 800m and because I was a front runner, it would be easier for me,” Rudisha said.