Another collabo by former Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt as he releases ‘unstoppable’ song (VIDEO)

Usain Bolt and D-Major “Unstoppable”

ATHLETICS Another collabo by former Jamaican sprint sensation Usain Bolt as he releases ‘unstoppable’ song (VIDEO)

Mark Kinyanjui 16:00 - 28.09.2023

The World 100 and 200m record holder  a new track in collaboration with Jamaican rising music star D-Major.

After striking his magic on the track for years, Usain Bolt bid farewell to the sport in 2017. Since then, the athlete has been trying out a couple of different passions.

The World 100 and 200m record holder,  who always had a passion for music, has  collaborated with various artists and released many new songs for his fans.

He has now released a new track in collaboration with Jamaican rising music star D-Major named , ‘Unstoppable’ , which has so far attracted a viewership of 22,000 watchers.

Speaking to Sportsmax following the release of the video, D-Major revealed the story behind the latest track "Unstoppable" and how his journey with the 36-year-old athlete paved the way for the partnership.

"This year, in 2023, I had an idea to do a song, you know, one of those celebratory songs for championships. Somehow, the inspiration just hit me, and I had put down a melody on my phone," he said.

"Now that phone just crashed, and I lost the melody," he lamented, "I was reasoning with a brethren one day, and I was giving him the idea, and he was like, 'yow, all Bolt you could have linked on that, you know.' And I said, 'You know, you’re right.'"

D-Major found himself at Big Yaad Studios, the studio where Bolt does his music recording  and ran into Nugent Walker (NJ), Usain Bolt's business manager.

The musician shared his idea with NJ, who embraced it without hesitation.

 "NJ was just like instantly (sold), like no hesitation. He was like, 'So Major when you want to do it?' Just like that, and myself, NJ, and Kamal decided upon the following Sunday.

"That Sunday was when the 100-meter finals were on at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest in August. This is like a month and a half after I got the initial idea. We never got a medal, but still, you know, so you say everything is tying in."

As they worked on the track, NJ and DMajor knew they had something special in the making. D-Major explained,

 "NJ decided that the 22nd would be a good release date, and it was, in fact, released on the 22nd."

D-Major expressed his gratitude to the A-Team, NJ, and Usain Bolt for making this dream a reality.

 "NJ said when he sent it to Bolt, he instantly fell in love with the track. So it's just a blessing overall, you know, for everything to say how everything that's come to fruition just from a simple idea and the challenges of losing the audio on the phone. We still came out with a track that we really believe in and represents what I was initially going for."

Since his retirement, Bolt has released many singles and even a music album filled with mesmerizing songs.

On July 28,  Bolt surprised his fans with a new party song. The athlete collaborated with Jamaican artist JahZeal to release a captivating upbeat song, ‘More Alcohol.’ 

The song was produced by Bolt himself, along with his manager and best friend, NJ Walker. Bolt has also previously collaborated with Jhazeal and released the song ‘Try Harder.’