Nakuru woman reveals unconventional plans for Ksh1.8million SportPesa mega jackpot bonus


SPORTS GIST Nakuru woman reveals unconventional plans for Ksh1.8million SportPesa mega jackpot bonus

Festus Chuma 11:32 - 24.02.2024

A woman from Nakuru has secured Ksh 1.8 million SportPesa Mega Jackpot Bonus and has discussed unconventional plans for the prize money.

Nakuru resident Lilian Akinyi Onooro is living every gambler’s dream after securing a life-changing Ksh 1,804,255 from the SportPesa Mega Jackpot Bonus. 

The school administrator turned betting enthusiast managed to correctly predict 15 out of 17 games, a feat that not only showcases her exceptional luck but also marks her entry into the realm of financial freedom.

Akinyi shared her astonishment and plans for the windfall in an interview.

 "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the message. It was only after my daughter screamed, 'You are a millionaire!' that the reality of it started to sink in," she recalled. 

The win was later confirmed by a personal call from SportPesa, turning her disbelief into overwhelming joy.

With the winnings securely in her bank account, Lilian has already outlined how she intends to utilize the amount. 

Top on her list is the establishment of an executive barbershop in Nakuru by the year's end, an investment she believes will offer sustainable income and create employment opportunities for locals. 

"I want to invest in something tangible, something that can grow and benefit not just my family but also the community," Lilian explained.

Moreover, Lilian is committed to giving back to the community that has supported her through the years. 

A portion of her winnings will be dedicated to tithing in her church, alongside significant contributions to charitable causes within her locality.

Lilian's journey to this mega jackpot win was not an overnight success.

 Having participated in smaller bets previously, she understands the unpredictability of betting and encourages other punters to keep the faith.

 "Success in betting comes from persistence and a bit of luck. Don't be discouraged by losses; instead, learn from them and keep trying," she advised.

Her win coincided with that of PSV Manager, Jared Ondieki, who also bagged a similar amount under the Mega Jackpot Bonus, highlighting the opportunities available through SportPesa's gaming platform. 

As the leading gaming company in Kenya, SportPesa continues to offer enticing jackpots and bonuses, with past winners setting records in the country.

The upcoming SportPesa Mega Jackpot, set to commence on Saturday, February 24, at 6:00 p.m., is already generating excitement with a staggering prize of Ksh 352,237,394 up for grabs.

Bettors who manage to make at least 12 correct predictions out of the 17 matches will also be eligible for healthy bonuses, adding to the allure of the game.

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