Elsa Majimbo's comment on Jamaican Yohan Blake's net worth excites netizens

ATHLETICS Elsa Majimbo's comment on Jamaican Yohan Blake's net worth excites netizens

Abigael Wafula 12:42 - 08.03.2024

Elsa Majimbo made a bold comment on Jamaican sprint sensation Yohan Blake's net worth, something that has excited social media users across the globe.

Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo’s comment on Yohan Blake’s net worth has excited a lot of X (Twitter) users from across the globe.

In her previous tweet, Majimbo explained that she does not date rich men. She posted a video and captioned it: “‘Elsa only dates Rich men’ Of course I do. Exclusively only them actually."

An anonymous user tagged the video and told Majimbo that Jamaican sprint sensation Blake is single and searching. The user also alleged that Blake’s net worth is 5 million USD (Ksh 700 million).

The comment read: “Yohan Blake, a professional athlete whose net worth is 5 million USD is looking for a wife shoot your shot.”

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Majimbo replied to the comment saying: “I don’t know what y’all think I mean when I say rich but this doesn’t come close. Please and thank you.”

One fan was impressed by Majimbo’s answer and lauded her for her bravery. She said: “Elsaaaa you will always be famous. What a response…I don't stan nonsense. Rich and proud.” Another user said: “5 million dollars don't come close…lanes must be observed.”

Another user, Julia Micha, added another comment saying: “I love seeing you humble these men. It's like a drug.”

Ray Richardson was also not left behind as he commented saying: “They gotta expand that imagination.”

Another X user added their comment saying: “Not nearly enough. Our Jamaican men like to spread it around. They'll have many outside kids to feed.”

However, some people were not impressed by Majimbo’s answer, with one user commenting on her post saying: “So when you were making those "I’m broke" videos, did you have hundreds of thousands in your bank account? Were you just cosplaying poor until you blew up?”