Why Naomi Osaka's company 'Hana Kuma' is trending at number 1 in Kenya

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SPORTS GIST Why Naomi Osaka's company 'Hana Kuma' is trending at number 1 in Kenya

10:00 - 22.06.2022

Naomi Osaka launched her own media company with a taboo Swahili word and Kenyans can't keep calm

On Tuesday, renowned Tennis player Naomi Osaka announced the launch of her own media house dubbed Hana Kuma in partnership with basketball player LeBron James and Kenyans are really having a field day with the brand name.

The name Hana Kuma has been topping Twitter trends with Kenyans putting their witty side into play.

Osaka who is a four-time Grand Slam champion says Hana Kuma is translated to mean ‘flower bear’ in Japanese but unfortunately in the Swahili language - one of Kenya's national languages - the whole name has a taboo meaning bordering on vulgarity.

Information shared by the 24-year-old Japanese Tennis player details that her media company will be airing scripted and unscripted TV series, documentaries, and branded entertainment content.

She partnered with Springhill a fast-growing entertainment, marketing and products company co-founded by LeBron James.

“I’ve built my career taking a different approach than those around me and because my journey has been so different it’s opened my eyes to all the incredible stories out there that aren’t getting told. Stories that are global, about a variety of cultures and points of view, about important social issues.

“That’s why I’m launching Hana Kuma, a media platform focused on stories that are culturally specific but universal. Stories that are bold and playful like me,” Naomi Osaka said.

Adding that: “I’m incredibly proud to be building a business that is a true reflection of me and I couldn’t think of a better partner than Lebron James to do this. I’m so excited to do this with him. Can’t wait to share our stories.”

LeBron James who plays for Los Angeles Lakers also congratulated Osaka stating that he is proud to be part of her journey.

“There’s reason we call ourselves an empowerment Company. This incredible woman and the stories she is going to bring to life is exactly what we about! Incredibly proud to call her my partner,” LeBron James said.