Namwamba cracks whip on federation officials who hold multiple roles to enjoy undeserved trips

Namwamba cracks whip on federation officials who hold multiple roles to enjoy undeserved trips

Joel Omotto 17:21 - 28.06.2024

Sports CS Ababu Namwamba has directed federation bosses to cease holding multiple positions to improve accountability and ensure separation of duties.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has cracked the whip on federation heads who double up as technical officials in various sporting disciplines.

In a move aimed at checking the bad behaviour of a number of officials, Namwamba has directed that federation bosses who hold multiple roles must relinquish one immediately, to ensure there is a separation of roles and accountability.

This is likely to also help eliminate joyriders to various international events where federation heads use their positions to install themselves on technical benches of the team so that they have an opportunity to travel.

“Some officials are serving in multiple capacities in leadership or overlapping leadership, administrative and technical roles. This overlap has led to conflicting duties, hindering effective oversight, accountability and the overall performance and integrity of Kenya’s sports programs,” the CS said in his directive.

“Effective immediately, officials of national sports organizations holding multiple positions are required to relinquish either their administrative or technical roles. This directive aims to ensure a clear separation of duties, thereby enhancing governance and operation efficiency within our national sports organisations.”

With the Paris Olympics the major event coming up, the directive will affect certain officials with Kenya Volleyball Federation president Charles Nyaberi set to be among those in the spotlight.

Nyaberi was installed as Team Manager of Malkia Strikers to the Paris Olympics, a decision that drew the ire of the public, leading to the stepping aside of his deputy Paul Bitok, who had been appointed assistant coach.

Meanwhile, in boxing, ‘Hit Squad’ coach Musa Benjamin and his assistants David Munuhe and John Waweru are also officials of Boxing Federation of Kenya who have held multiple roles for a number of years.