Magical Kenya Open receives massive financial boost from Absa bank

GOLF Magical Kenya Open receives massive financial boost from Absa bank

Abigael Wafula 15:30 - 13.02.2024

Absa Bank has pumped Ksh 75 million to boost the upcoming Magical Kenya Open Golf tournament as they insist on giving young people opportunities.

Absa Bank has pumped Ksh 75 million to sponsor the upcoming Kenya Magical Open scheduled for February 22 to 25 at the Muthaiga Golf Club.

Speaking during the sponsorship announcement, Absa Bank CEO Abdi Mohamed explained that Ksh 55 million will be channeled to the Kenya Open Golf Limited while the remaining Ksh 20 million will be used to support surrounding activities.

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Mohamed also noted that they have sponsored the event for 14 years without a break and they have observed a great change throughout the episodes. He added that over 500 million people view the tournament and that shows how much it has grown.

“We will continue supporting the MKO going forward and we believe that by sponsoring the sport itself, we are ensuring that we put Kenya on the world map.

“When we started with MKO, this was mostly a local event that was not in the global tour as it is today, and over these 14 years, it has transformed and become a global event that places Kenya on the global sporting map,” he said.

He was also moved by the individual stories of young people who got the chance to benefit from the opportunity granted to them by Absa. He added that they will continue working with MKO to ensure young people get opportunities.

Esmeralda De Souza Obwaka and Victor Maina were among the young business owners who benefitted from the Absa and Magical Kenya Open partnership and they had testimonies to share. 

Obwaka opened up on how golf has been a very significant sport in her life, thanks to Absa who gave her a platform to be a caterer for the hospitality tent. She admitted that it was a great experience for her and she had to go above and beyond to ensure she delivers the best.

“Absa for us as a client has represented many things by pushing our levels of creativity by challenging us to offer unforgettable experiences to our guests,” she said.

Maina also sang the praises to Absa, noting that they gave them a platform to showcase their talent and urged other organisations to tap into young talent.

He explained that he was given the chance as a young person, admitting that the journey was not easy since he made mistakes along the way but it was all worth it.

“When we started covering MKO courtesy of Absa, about three years ago, we were two gentlemen and we kept pushing to understand how golf works.

“Right now, both of us play golf and we were really keen to look at how best we can serve our client. A few years later, we have a whole production outfit, more videographers, more photographers and we compete amongst ourselves.

“Absa allowed us to showcase our work and because our work is visual, we can’t lie and they used to correct us whenever we went wrong.

“We are happy to take part in a role that not only empowers the client but also the players,” Maina said.

He also insisted that young people should take opportunities granted to them as they seek to make a living for themselves.