Kenya’s Karan Patel triumphs in ARC Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally, dedicates victory to his mother

Kenya’s Karan Patel triumphs in ARC Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally, dedicates victory to his mother

Joel Omotto 20:17 - 12.05.2024

Kenyan driver Karan Patel was in a class of his own as he won the ARC Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally to get the ball rolling for his continental ambitions this season.

Karan Patel, the Kenyan rally driver, showcased his prowess behind the wheel yet again by clinching victory at the ARC Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally on Sunday.

The event, which took place at the Source of Nile River Hotel in Jinja, saw Patel dominate the competition, securing first place alongside his navigator Tauseef Khan in a Skoda Fabia R5.

Patel's victory was a testament to his consistency and skill, as he conquered eight out of nine stages throughout the rally.

His remarkable performance was highlighted by his ability to navigate the challenging terrain, including the sugar cane sections that tested drivers' precision.

Despite facing stiff competition, particularly from Uganda's own Jas Mangat, Patel remained undeterred, ultimately edging out his rivals to secure the top spot.

Mangat, who put up a formidable challenge, praised Patel's performance but cited issues with brakes and dust as setbacks that hindered his own performance.

For Patel, the victory held special significance as he dedicated it to his mother on Mother's Day. In a statement following his win, Patel expressed his joy and gratitude, emphasizing the importance of his mother's support.

“Last year we didn’t do the Pearl Rally, but we still won the championship. It was a good race in Jinja, I dedicate the win to my mum, it’s Mothers’ Day,” said Patel.

“We expected Mangat to be quick because he was doing some training with Gregoire Munster, so we expected some improvements in his pace. We would have won all the stages, but we made a small mistake in one of the stages, a corner came too first, so we had to overshoot and lost eight seconds.”

The podium also saw another Kenyan driver, Hamza Anwar, securing third place in his debut R5 outing, further solidifying Kenya's dominance in the rally circuit.

As the dust settled and the celebrations ensued, Team Karan set their sights on maintaining their stranglehold on the African rally circuit, setting a high bar for the upcoming legs of the continental championship.

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