Will GSM offer Gor Mahia millions similar to Yanga's in impending kit deal?

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FKFPL Will GSM offer Gor Mahia millions similar to Yanga's in impending kit deal?

Festus Chuma 14:00 - 26.10.2023

GSM's sponsorship of Gor Mahia raises hopes, but will it match the millions offered to Yanga in their five-year kit deal?

Football Kenya Federation Premier League giants Gor Mahia are on the brink of a groundbreaking sponsorship deal with renowned kit manufacturer GSM.

This seismic shift comes as Gor Mahia's current partnership with Umbro, initiated in 2020 with a stipulated three-year term, nears its end.

While the financial specifics of the forthcoming partnership are yet to be unveiled, all signs point to this being a game-changer for the Kenyan football juggernaut.

Under the existing arrangement with Umbro, the technical staff and management of Gor Mahia have enjoyed a steady supply of branded apparel, equipment, and luggage for the past three seasons, nurturing a strong foundation for success.

According to Gor Mahia's Secretary General, Sammy Ochola, this move toward a new partnership was inspired by a benchmarking trip to Dar es Salaam, where he met with the President of Yanga SC, Eng. Hersi Said.

"Yanga SC and Gor Mahia FC share a lot in common in terms of football success in this region," Sam Ochola stated. 

Eng. Hersi Said told me that he understands Gor Mahia as a big club, and sought a partnership with us to bolster the development and sustainability of the sport. I am also glad that soon we shall sign a kitting deal for five years with sports apparel manufacturer GSM, beginning next season. The deal will see GSM distribute replica jerseys throughout the country and kit our team gallantly. Eng. Hersi Said is the CEO of GSM and he's happy to be associated with the most successful club in the region, Gor Mahia FC."

GSM, a company that already outfits Tanzania's record champions, Yanga SC, has several other clubs in the Tanzanian Premier League adorned with their label.

In a similar deal inked with Yanga SC on Seprember 2022, the sponsorship was valued at a staggering Sh 10.9 billion (Sh 655 million). Engineer Hersi Said, CEO of GSM, shed light on the specifics of the Yanga SC agreement, revealing it was divided into two parts.

"The contract, which is divided into two parts, involves the first contract for the production and distribution of jerseys as well as various club products, where every year GSM Group will pay Young Africans TSh 1.5 billion (Ksh 90 million), which will increase by 10% and make the total value TSh 1 billion 9.15 (Ksh 541 million) within five years," explained Hersi during the unveiling. 

"The second contract will be a guarantee, where GSM will pay TShs 300 million per year (Ksh 18 million), which will be increasing by 10% every year for a period of five years, making the total Shs 1.83 billion (Ksh 108 million) for five years. The second contract allows GSM to place its logo on the jersey."

The agreements promise a substantial windfall for Yanga SC, with an estimated return of approximately TSh Bil. 10.9 (Ksh 655 million), a monumental blessing for the club that continues to strengthen its position in the football landscape.

As the ink dries on this thrilling partnership, which is now in its second season, football fans are eagerly awaiting the official financial details and the unique features of the collaboration that will shape the future of Gor Mahia.

With GSM's track record of success and their investment in East African football, there is no doubt that this deal has the potential to reshape the club's destiny and set new standards for football sponsorships in the region.

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