Why Neymar's No.10 shirt for Brazil was given to Rodrigo

Why Neymar's No.10 shirt for Brazil was given to Rodrigo

Eric Munene • Eric Munene • 16:50 - 28.06.2024

Here is the reasons behind Rodrigo rocking Neymar's iconic number 10 shirt for Brazil.

Brazil's campaign in the Copa America has been closely watched, not just for their on-field performances but also for the absence of one of their most iconic players: Neymar Jr.

Neymar's absence stems primarily from a significant setback he faced last October during a World Cup qualifier against Uruguay.

In that match, he sustained an ACL injury, a serious blow that necessitated a prolonged period of rehabilitation and recovery.

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The Copa America holds a special significance for Neymar, as it represents an opportunity to add another prestigious title to his decorated career.

However, unfortunate timing with his injury has meant that he must sit out this edition of the tournament.

This is not the first time Neymar has missed out on a major international competition due to injury. He was also absent during Brazil's victorious 2019 Copa America campaign due to an ankle injury.

Despite Neymar's absence, Brazil's squad remains formidable, boasting talent from across Europe's top leagues.

Players like Rodrigo, who recently made headlines, have stepped up to fill the void left by Neymar Jr absence.

The team's depth and versatility have been on display, albeit with mixed results, as they navigate their way through the group stages and beyond.

Neymar's absence from Brazil's Copa America squad is a consequence of his ACL injury and the subsequent need for extensive rehabilitation.

While his presence is missed on the field, his determination to recover fully underscores his commitment to representing his country at the highest level.

As Brazil continues their quest for Copa America glory, Neymar's absence serves as a testament to the resilience required in overcoming setbacks in the world of elite football.