Ulinzi Stars defender Brian Birgen sets sights on redemption in upcoming football season

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FKFPL Ulinzi Stars defender Brian Birgen sets sights on redemption in upcoming football season

Festus Chuma 20:30 - 28.06.2023

The defender reflects on mental battles and injury setbacks in recently concluded 2022/2023 season.

Ulinzi Stars vice-captain Brian Birgen has opened up about the trials and tribulations he faced during the recently concluded 2022/2023 Football Kenya Federation Premier League season.

With a mixture of physical setbacks and mental challenges, Birgen admitted that it had been his toughest season to date, causing him to question his love for the game.

However, the 29-year-old defender ultimately found the strength to persevere and affirmed his commitment to the team and its supporters.

"The dust has finally settled, tough season it has been for me both physically and mentally," Birgen expressed candidly. "Worst season for me so far in my career, slightly lost a bit of the aspect of enjoying the game, capped up with injuries. I contemplated giving myself a break from the game."

Despite enduring battles within his own mind, the Nakuru High School alumni recognized that he had come too far in his career to simply give up.

"Fought some battles mentally, but I realized I didn't come this far just to come this far. There are people who look up to me, and for them, I'll keep on fighting," he added.

"For those who support me, I'll keep on fighting and be the 'ndovu' that you've always loved, hoping for a better season in the coming season. There are still some personal goals I have to achieve."

Ulinzi Stars, as a team, also witnessed an improvement in their performance this season as they managed a ninth-place finish from a 12th position in the previous campaign.

Looking ahead to the future, Birgen expressed his aspirations for a better season and his determination to achieve personal milestones.

With his resolve and the backing of his fans, the son of former Kenya international Joe Birgen aims to make a significant impact on the field and continue being a source of inspiration for those who support him.