'The Old Trafford Waterfall': Larry Madowo's sharp reaction to Man Utd's leaky roof

'The Old Trafford Waterfall': Larry Madowo's sharp reaction to Man Utd's leaky roof

Festus Chuma 15:52 - 13.05.2024

Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo witnessed Arsenal's 1-0 victory over Manchester United and highlights the severe roof leaks at Old Trafford.

Renowned Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo had a memorable Sunday evening at Old Trafford witnessing firsthand both a victory for his beloved Arsenal and an unexpected deluge from the stadium's leaky roof. 

The CNN journalist, known for his engaging coverage and sharp wit, was not shy about sharing his experience during the highly anticipated Manchester United vs. Arsenal match, which ended in a 0-1 win for the Gunners.

Before the match, Madowo expressed his hesitation and excitement in a tweet.

"Should I buy a ticket for today's game? Or will Arsenal break my heart, and I save my money?" 

Accompanied by a snapshot outside the iconic stadium, his followers were quick to encourage him to attend. 

As the game unfolded, Madowo's updates became a mix of sports commentary and comic relief. 

Seated among Manchester United fans, he found it challenging to openly celebrate, but his tweets conveyed his rising hope. 

"I think Arsenal will win this game," he shared midway through the match, a prediction that would prove correct.

However, it was not just the game that caught Madowo's attention but also the state of Old Trafford itself.

 Amid heavy rainfall, a significant leak in the stadium's roof led to water pouring into the seating areas, a sight Madowo captured and shared in a video post. 

His caption, "Heavy rain at Old Trafford but Arsenal fans haven't stopped singing. What a victory!" highlighted the jubilant mood of the Arsenal supporters, undampened by the weather.

The journalist's keen observation also drew a humorous parallel between the stadium's physical condition and the home team's defense. 

"Man United's roof is leaking like their defense line!" Madowo quipped, a comment that resonated with fans and followers alike. 

In another post, he remarked on the severity of the leakage, suggesting that "Old Trafford's condition tonight is worse than some stadiums I've seen back in Africa."

Madowo's blend of sports enthusiasm and journalistic observation provided a unique take on the evening's events turning what could have been a simple match recap into a vibrant and memorable social media narrative. 

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