Shabana respond to claims of player neglect after injury

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FKFPL Shabana respond to claims of player neglect after injury

Festus Chuma 16:34 - 29.01.2024

Shabana FC's handling of Silas Shihemi's injury has led to a contentious legal dispute over player rights and club responsibilities.

Shabana FC Secretary General Elizaphan Kerama has come forward with details surrounding the contentious situation of defender Silas Shihemi Abung'ana.

The former Zoo FC right-back who suffered an injury and subsequent sidelining has become a flashpoint amid the team's battle against relegation.

Shihemi has found himself at the center of a heated dispute involving injury compensation, potential dismissal, and unmet financial obligations.

"The situation with Silas is indeed complex. After his injury, we ensured he received immediate medical attention. The medical reports indicated no fractures but a muscle injury, necessitating physiotherapy sessions, which he has been diligently attending," Kerama explained on Radio 47.

"A week ago, Silas reported back for training. However, the coach, assessing his condition, decided that Silas could not fit into the team's current framework due to his ongoing recovery."

The controversy escalated when Shihemi, feeling sidelined and undervalued, laid out demands that reflected his discontent.

He has officially requested a payment of Ksh 754,000, citing unpaid dues, notice pay, and compensation for what he deems unfair dismissal, alongside the coverage of legal fees.

Kerama, addressing these demands, emphasized the club's commitment to fair treatment.

"We are fully aware of Silas's situation and are actively seeking a resolution that is in everyone's best interest. While we cannot hastily place him on loan due to his ongoing recovery, it's imperative to us that he remains on our payroll and part of the Shabana family," he said.

"His contributions to the team are valued, and we are hopeful for his complete recovery and eventual return to the field."

This internal conflict comes at a tumultuous time for Shabana FC, known affectionately as Tore Bobe, as they navigate their first season back in the top flight after a 17-year absence.

Their current standings, with 17 points from 19 matches, place them in the 17th position, squarely in the relegation zone. 

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