Sam Nyamweya calls for inclusion of County Associations in FKF elections


FOOTBALL Sam Nyamweya calls for inclusion of County Associations in FKF elections

Festus Chuma 10:30 - 29.01.2024

Sam Nyamweya advocates for County Football Associations' involvement in FKF elections to enhance inclusivity and governance in Kenyan football.

Former Football Kenya Federation President Sam Nyamweya has reached out to Sports Registrar Rose Wasike advocating for the involvement of County Football Associations (CFAs) in the upcoming FKF elections.

Nyamweya, in his correspondence, which was also shared with FIFA secretary Fatma Samoura, FKF President Nick Mwendwa, and CEO Barry Otieno, stressed the pivotal role CFAs play at the county level.

“CFAs as entities have been representing football interests at the county level in Kenya. They have been responsible for coordinating football activities within their respective counties, including organizing leagues, tournaments, and other events,” Nyamweya wrote.

The proposition comes at a crucial time when the FKF initiates election procedures, mandating participants to meet specific criteria.

Nyamweya's suggestion to integrate CFAs into this process aims to address the existing rift and ensure a holistic governance structure.

“Allowing CFAs to participate in branch elections will have significant implications for the governance structure of football in Kenya,” he remarked.

Nyamweya also urged FIFA and the continental body CAF to align with the Kenyan Sports Act, which mandates registration and compliance for sports organizations.

“In 2013 we transited to the Sports Act that governs and guides overall management of football and other sports in the country,” Nyamweya explained, underlining the legal framework governing both FKF and CFAs.

Nyamweya's proposal for a unified election process managed by FKF, involving both CFA and FKF members, aims to end the rivalry and impasse at the branch level.

“These are children of the same family. At the branch level, both CFA members and FKF members should be allowed to participate in one election managed by FKF and have one branch leadership that will be under FKF. This will collapse the rivalry and impasse at the branch level and have a seamless management of football across the country,” he stated.

The ongoing tussle between the two bodies could potentially lead to the emergence of splinter groups, reminiscent of the 2008 scenario when Kenya had two organizations, Kenya Football Federation and Football Kenya Limited, running the sport.

Such a division risks creating two centers of power in football management in Kenya, one recognized by FIFA and the other by the government through the Registrar's office.

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