Several injured as power saw-wielding fan disrupts FKF Division 2 Western Zone derby

Several injured as power saw-wielding fan disrupts FKF Division 2 Western Zone derby

Festus Chuma 09:15 - 14.04.2024

A section of power saw-wielding fans disrupted the football match, causing injuries and leading to the game's abandonment amid violent scenes.

A power saw-wielding fan brought a shocking halt to a local football match between Soy United and Kona Rangers at Musemwa Primary School, resulting in injuries and the game's premature end. 

The frightening incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in an FKF Division Two Western Zone clash which was abandoned with just two minutes left on the clock.

In what was initially a competitive and spirited derby, the atmosphere turned violent when a section of fans allegedly supporting Kona Rangers, launched an attack on match officials. 

The chaos escalated as these fans also turned on their rivals, leading to several injuries among spectators.

Photos circulating on social media show a man brandishing a power saw amid the turmoil in a stark image that has drawn widespread condemnation.

 "The scenes witnessed today at Musemwa Primary School leave a bad taste in the mouth of the neutral football fan," Soy United stated in a poignant social media post. 

The club lamented the violent disruption that marred what was otherwise an engaging match, highlighting the distress caused to fans and players alike.

"With less than two minutes to play, a section of rogue home fans disrupted play by accosting a lineswoman after a clearance off the line, demanding it be awarded as a goal," the statement continued.

Reflecting on the incident, Soy United emphasised the importance of sportsmanship and peace in the sport. 

"Football is about friendship, it's a universal language. So many monumental derbies end in salutations after the normal build-up and match day banter," the club noted.

The match, which ended 2-1 in favour of Soy United with goals from Festus Maza and Mohammed Wangai, was overshadowed by these regrettable events.

Both clubs are now faced with the task of addressing the security lapses that allowed the situation to escalate ensuring safety at future events. 

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