McDonald Mariga schools Kenya on football development

FOOTBALL McDonald Mariga schools Kenya on football development

Abigael Wafula 09:30 - 28.11.2023

McDonald Mariga has shared some tips on how Kenya can improve when it comes to raising the standard of local football.

Retired football star McDonald Mariga has shared insightful tips on how to grow local football amidst the myriad of issues surrounding the sport.

The former Internazionale defensive midfielder explained that one thing that has ailed the sport is the corruption among the leaders. He added that the leaders to be elected should be well versed with the sport and be intentional about chan

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“One thing that has killed Kenyan football is corruption and we all know that. However, many people are capable of helping the sport but there is too much corruption and we all know that.

The person to be elected should be willing to talk to the clubs and ensure everything is done openly,” Mariga said as per SPM Buzz.

He added that as coaches train the youngsters in the academies, they should encourage them to first look forward to joining local clubs before dreaming of going to Europe.

The former Latina player disclosed that the mindset of the youngsters should change if the sport has to move forward. He lamented that Tanzania have beaten Kenya in matters of the quality of the game and professionalism. 

“We need to encourage these young players to dream of joining local teams before going to Europe. When we build the local football scene we shall get sponsors and we shall grow.

Tanzania has beaten us in terms of the quality of the game and their management. Our top players are leaving Kenya for Tanzania…what is in Tanzania that Kenya can’t do?

In Europe, such things are unheard of and it’s very hard for countries to let players leave just like that,” he said.

He also emphasised on professionalism and sponsorship. He added that football should be managed without corruption.