Luanda Villa place wanted notice on former player amid theft allegations

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FOOTBALL Luanda Villa place wanted notice on former player amid theft allegations

Festus Chuma 19:06 - 30.03.2024

NSL outfit Luanda Villa has warned against ex-player involved in theft and has urges public help to find suspect and recover stolen items.

National Super League (NSL) side Luanda Villa has taken a decisive step in alerting the public about a concerning matter involving Christopher Gaulkey, a former player of the club, through an official cautionary notice released on Saturday afternoon. 

The club has firmly stated that Gaulkey is no longer authorized to conduct any business or represent Luanda Villa in any capacity due to his alleged involvement in a serious incident of theft, which included the theft of team property and personal belongings of fellow players.

In a bold move to safeguard the club's reputation and recover the missing items, Luanda Villa has called upon the community for assistance, providing a hotline number and urging anyone with information on Gaulkey's whereabouts to come forward or report to the nearest police station.

The theft, as detailed in the club's statement on their social media pages, involved a significant loss of valuable items from the clubhouse.

Among the missing items are sports gear such as boots of various sizes and colors, shin guards, ear pods with chargers, several pieces of clothing, and two mobile phones—a Redmi Note12 and an Itel phone—complete with chargers.

Christopher Gaulkey, who joined Luanda Villa in February from Hannington FC, now finds himself at the center of this controversy. 

The club, however, did not clarify whether the incident has been officially reported to law enforcement authorities.

This announcement comes at a crucial time for Luanda Villa, as they gear up for an upcoming National Super League clash against Naivas FC on Sunday afternoon. 

Despite the cloud of this incident, the club, which currently stands eighth in the league with 35 points from 25 games, remains focused on its sporting commitments and maintaining its integrity.

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