Former AFC Leopards striker Bonface Ambani lists problems ailing Ingwe

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FKFPL Former AFC Leopards striker Bonface Ambani lists problems ailing Ingwe

Festus Chuma 19:09 - 24.10.2023

Former football star highlights key issues plaguing Ingwe and calls for unity and change within the club.

Former Harambee Stars and AFC Leopards striker Bonface Ambani has raised several concerns regarding the ongoing struggles of the iconic Kenyan football club.

Leopards currently find themselves positioned 17th in the league standings and have yet to secure a victory this season.

Ambani, a devoted supporter and one-time player for the club, has identified a range of issues he believes are hampering the team's progress.

His critique begins with a call for stronger leadership within the club, emphasizing the need for uncompromising standards, with these issues permeating through all levels of management, from the highest echelons to the grassroots.

"You need to be a very strong leader to handle this club. No nonsense. You don't have to compromise with standards," he stated.

One of the recurring problems that Ambani highlights is the high turnover of coaches and players within the club, he also raises concerns about the fines imposed on the club by FIFA, suggesting that they are avoidable and man-made.

"The fines leveled to the club by FIFA can't make this club move even an inch, and to me, it's man-made," he asserts.

Ambani is particularly critical of the club's player recruitment strategies, especially regarding foreign players, as he questions the club's lack of transparency and accountability in this regard, noting that even AFC Leopards legends remain quiet on the issue.

"Tell me how many AFC Leopards players play in the current National team? How many have even received the national team call-up alone? Speaks volumes," Ambani added.

The former striker also takes issue with the absence of well-defined organizational structures and policies within the club.

"The club has no well-laid structures to run the club. No well-set policies. There is no proper transparency and accountability of anything," Ambani argues.

In a personal reflection, Ambani mentions his unsuccessful bid for the club's chairmanship, which he attributes to opposition from certain forces within Kenyan football and the club itself, citing his age as a pretext.

"This pressure also came from AFC Leopards Legends. I told them, I might be young, yes but with the brains I have in football, and my international exposure, I knew what I wanted. I knew what I wanted to fix in this club once and for all. Many of my fans got worked up, they never showed up during the voting day. I went to court to stop elections, but later on, the courts as usual decided otherwise—story for another day," he pointed out.

"Lastly, the Luhya community, unite. Those subtribes in your branches are another cancer in this club. Fight it. Unite for a common purpose. You know," he concluded.