FKF AGM: Nick Mwendwa appeals against court decision amidst FIFA warnings


FKF AGM: Nick Mwendwa appeals against court decision amidst FIFA warnings

Festus Chuma 13:48 - 12.04.2024

FKF has appealed against a court's halt on its AGM amidst FIFA warnings, challenging legal and governance issues in Kenyan football's turbulent landscape.

War on the legal front is heating up as the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has launched a determined appeal against a court's decision that has temporarily frozen its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The move comes as bold defiance against a recent FIFA caution, stirring the waters of Kenyan football governance.

Nick Mwendwa, the FKF president, alongside Vice-President Doris Petra and Chief Executive Barry Otieno, have lodged their appeal, following a notable discontent with the judicial review that led to the halt. 

“Being dissatisfied with the ruling and order of the Court (Honourable Justice Olga A. Sewe) delivered on April 4, we appeal against the whole said ruling," reads the appeal articulated by Senior Counsel Eric Mutua as per Daily Nation.

This legal challenge emerges ten days after the High Court in Mombasa put a stop to the federation's AGM, albeit temporarily, pending the determination of a case filed by sports journalist Milton Nyakundi. 

The case questioned the legality of FKF, thereby preventing its officials from convening an AGM for the second time in a month.

Justice Olga Sewe, in granting the stay order, stated, “I am satisfied that the application is merited and allowed.” 

The backdrop of this legal skirmish is a stark warning from FIFA, highlighting the potential risks of sanctions against Kenya if FKF fails to proceed with its AGM and set a date for elections. 

This is not the first time FIFA has expressed concerns over third-party interference in Kenya's football affairs. 

Just a year ago, Kenya faced a FIFA ban due to actions taken by the then Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, which were later reversed by her successor, Ababu Namwamba.

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