Euro 2024: Drama unfolds in final group matchday with knockout berths at stake

Euro 2024: Drama unfolds in final group matchday with knockout berths at stake

Festus Chuma 14:02 - 23.06.2024

The 2024 tournament sees intense final group matches with teams vying for knockout spots and third-place qualifiers still uncertain.

UEFA Euro 2024 enters its final group matchday with a mix of certainty and suspense.

While three teams have already punched their tickets to the last 16, and only one team has been sent packing, the fate of many hangs in the balance as final group positions, which dictate the knockout matchups, remain undecided.

Group A

Germany has sailed through to the next round, ensuring at least a second-place finish in their group.

Their final game against Switzerland is pivotal; a draw or win will clinch the top spot for them.

On the other hand, Switzerland needs at least a draw against Germany or a Scottish loss to Hungary to advance.

Scotland faces a must-win situation against Hungary and also needs a Swiss loss to move ahead, hoping to offset a goal difference deficit.

Hungary’s path is narrower, needing a victory over Scotland to keep their hopes alive for a potential best third-place finisher slot.

Group B

Spain, having defeated Italy, secured their position as group winners.

Italy will avoid elimination with a draw against Croatia but must fend off both Croatia and Albania, who each have a shot at the runner-up spot depending on other results.

Albania’s scenario involves beating Spain and hoping for an Italian defeat.

Croatia’s equation to advance involves defeating Italy and relying on Albania not to win against Spain.

Group C

England is virtually through, needing only to avoid a loss to Slovenia or for Denmark to stumble against Serbia

England can top their group with a win or a draw if Denmark doesn’t claim victory.

Denmark’s advancement depends on defeating Serbia, while Slovenia could shock everyone by topping the group with a win over England, provided Denmark does not match their result.

Serbia’s hopes are alive but require a win over Denmark and Slovenia not securing a victory against England.

Group D

The Netherlands will guarantee a top-two finish with a draw or win against Austria.

They can also become group leaders if they win and France doesn’t beat Poland.

France, like the Dutch, needs to dodge defeat to assure their advancement.

Austria has a chance to stir the standings by defeating the Netherlands, which could potentially catapult them to the top if France falters against the already eliminated Poland.

Group E

In an unprecedented scenario, all teams in Group E—Romania, Belgium, Slovakia, and Ukraine—stand even, each holding three points.

This setup promises a thrilling finish as every team faces a win-and-in situation, with any result likely leading to significant shifts in the final standings.

Group F

Portugal has effortlessly advanced claiming the top of their group.

Turkey will secure the runner-up spot by avoiding a loss to the Czech Republic, whereas the Czechs can surpass Turkey with a victory.

Georgia remains in contention but needs a win over Portugal and a Czech victory, alongside a significant swing in goal difference, to continue their surprising journey.

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