Another South Sudanese international joins Kenya Police

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FKFPL Another South Sudanese international joins Kenya Police

Festus Chuma 16:00 - 23.08.2023

The South Sudanese striker's proven track record, both at the domestic and international levels, adds a layer of expertise to the team.

Former Gor Mahia striker Tito Okello has embarked on a new chapter in his football career by signing a long-term deal with the ambitious Kenya Police FC.

This move comes after Okello's departure from the Iranian top-tier club Paykan FC, marking his return to the Kenyan football scene.

The South Sudanese international's addition to the law enforcement team's roster brings a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season.

The 27-year-old lanky forward originally caught the attention of Kenyan football enthusiasts when he joined Gor Mahia on August 26, 2020, hailing from Uganda's Vipers SC.

His swift adaptation to the team's style of play and his remarkable contributions were pivotal in Gor Mahia's triumph in the FKF Shield Cup during his inaugural season. 

Okello's journey in Kenyan football was not devoid of challenges, and his decision to make a significant move to Police demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the sport.

Having left an indelible mark on the Ugandan football landscape with stints at clubs like KCCA FC, SC Villa, and BUL FC, Okello's presence in  Law Enforcers is expected to inject a blend of experience and vitality into the squad. 

His versatility on the field and innate goal-scoring ability will undoubtedly provide a new dimension to the team's attacking strategies.

Okello's departure from Gor Mahia, attributed to issues of unpaid salaries and allowances, was a moment that sent ripples through Kenyan football. 

His dedication to the beautiful game is further underscored by his South Sudan national team debut on October 10, 2020, against Cameroon B.

With 14 appearances under his belt, including a noteworthy goal, Okello's international trajectory mirrors his club career—a testament to his consistent and unwavering performance.

Notably, Okello is not the sole South Sudanese talent gracing the Kenya Police ranks. 

Central defender Rashid Toha, another footballer from South Sudan, recently made his entry into the team after parting ways with Arua Hill FC.