LeBron James, son Bronny close to making NBA history after LA Lakers sign the youngster

LeBron James, son Bronny close to making NBA history after LA Lakers sign the youngster

Joel Omotto 13:39 - 28.06.2024

LeBron James is inching closer to realising his dream of playing alongside his son in the NBA after Bronny James was drafted by his team Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James' dream of playing alongside his son is closer to reality after the LA Lakers selected 19-year-old Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Bronny, who played 25 games at Southern California, was picked 55th overall by the Lakers in the second round after going undrafted in the first. This historic selection sets the stage for the first father-son duo in NBA history.

Despite a challenging year marked by cardiac arrest during a summer workout and a modest college season averaging 4.8 points per game, Bronny showcased his potential with strong performances in combine drills, including a 40.5-inch vertical leap.

Lakers' general manager Rob Pelinka expressed excitement over the historic possibility, emphasising the uniqueness of a father and son sharing the NBA court.

"In the history of the NBA, there's never been a father and a son that have shared an NBA basketball court and that feels like something that could be magical,” said Pelinka.

"We know, and have to respect of course, that LeBron has a decision on his opt-out ... but if it worked out that he was on our team next season, NBA history could be made. And NBA history should be made in a Lakers uniform."

LeBron James, who faces a decision on his player option with the Lakers, worked out with Bronny before the draft. Lakers superstars, including Anthony Davis, praised Bronny's defensive skills and playmaking abilities, expressing confidence in his potential despite the pressure of his father's legacy.

"He can read the floor very well. I think he's a really good playmaker,” said Davis.

"I saw him work out a couple times. His reads, reading the defence, making the right passes, that was really impressive to me. I think he's going to be fine. Obviously, it's a lot of pressure on him with his dad being who he is."

NBA legend Magic Johnson is among those who cannot wait to witness the historic moment.

“Congratulations to Bronny James on being drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers! This is a historic moment because LeBron and Bronny are the first father-son duo to play in the NBA at the same time and on the same team. Watching Bronny suit up for the Lakers during Summer League in Vegas will be must-see TV,” Johnson posted on X.

The Lakers also drafted Dalton Knecht with the 17th overall pick. As LeBron contemplates his future, the potential for a historic season with his son in a Lakers uniform remains a tantalizing possibility.

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