Former President Uhuru Kenyatta witnesses Miami Heat's surprise win at NBA playoffs in Boston


Former President Uhuru Kenyatta witnesses Miami Heat's surprise win at NBA playoffs in Boston

Festus Chuma 21:02 - 25.04.2024

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and entrepreneur Eddie Ndichu enjoyed an NBA game where Miami Heat surprised with a strong comeback.

Miami Heat delivered a shocking upset against the top-seeded Boston Celtics, leveling their Eastern Conference playoff series with a 111-101 victory at the TD Garden. 

The game, witnessed by high-profile attendees including former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Wapi Pay founder Eddie Ndichu, was a display of underdog determination and skill.

Kenyatta, an avid basketball fan, was spotted in a green baseball cap and black puffy jacket, engaged in what seemed to be a lively discussion with Ndichu, who donned a Celtics-branded brown college jacket. 

The unexpected meeting of the two Kenyans added an interesting subplot to the thrilling game.

 "Fancy meeting at the playoffs!" Ndichu later shared on his Instagram, highlighting the serendipity of their encounter.

Despite being without their star wing Jimmy Butler and starter Terry Rozier due to injuries, Miami Heat showcased a remarkable performance. 

They nearly matched the NBA playoff record with 23 three-pointers, leaving the Celtics struggling to keep up with only 12 successful shots from beyond the arc. 

"We just focused on what we can control, and tonight it was about making every shot count," said Miami Heat coach after the game.

Boston's Jaylen Brown led his team with a game-high 33 points, supported by Jayson Tatum who added 28 points. 

However, their efforts were not enough to secure a win against the determined Heat team. 

"We have to regroup and focus on the next game. It’s all about how we bounce back," Brown stated post-game.

The Heat’s victory was a significant rebound from their 20-point loss in the first game of the series, surprising many who expected the Celtics to dominate the playoffs.

The playoff series continues to be an exciting matchup drawing attention from basketball fans worldwide including notable figures like Kenyatta. 

The outcome of this duel remains highly anticipated as both teams prepare for the next game with fans eager to see if the Heat can maintain their newfound momentum or if the Celtics will regain their leading form.

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